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Need help with Lighting? Call us now at (604) 985-2727

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Need help with Lighting? Call us now at (604) 985-2727

Want an approximate price? Request a Quote

Landscape Lighting System 101

How it Works?

Your low voltage lighting system starts at an outdoor power outlet and ends at the lights. Depending on the transformer you go with, you have many options of how to control the lights. You can have them come one Dusk to Dawn or have them come on/off automatically at certain times. Our goal is to make it easy to use, designed professionally and accent the parts of your landscape that should be highlighted well keeping budget in mind.

The size of the transformer is dependent on how many lights you want to have connected to it. They come in a variety of sizes from 60W to 600W. With LED lights we are able to use much less power to control many more lights. The average LED light is only between 1 and 8 Watts which will save you money during the installation as you will need a much smaller transformer and through power savings during the year.

With new technology, there are many more options to control your Landscape Lights. They now have lights that can be change colour and controlled with apps on your smartphone. Your lights can also be controlled with the VERA home automation system.


Design Plan for Landscape Lighting

Lighting Design

Our Team has access to landscape designers that can take your existing landscape design and design a lighting system that will work for your landscape. This image is from a job we did last season.

Kichler DC


The transformer converts your household power of 120 Volts to a 12 volt low voltage system for Landscape Lighting. The picture seen below is a Kichler DC transformer. These transformers are versatile, intuitive, flexible, smart, and cost effective.

Lighting Wire


To connect the Lights to the transformers, we use 12/2 Landscape lighting wire, that is direct burial and is buried between 3-6″ in the ground.

Path Lights and Uplights

Landscape Lights

We offer a wide variety of LED Landscape lights, from Path lights, Accent lights, Hardscape lights, and Trex deck lights. The lights we use come with either a 5 year or 15 year warranty depending on the fixture.


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